Our company is focused on manufacturing and selling automatic equipment for the packing of friable bulk materials in stick packs. Barracuda packing machines allow precise and fast packing of materials of different consistency and moisture content. The equipment is perfectly suitable for packing coffee, spices, nuts, sugar, tea, and tobacco. The equipment is subject to strict preliminary quality control to ensure high fail-safe operation. Air feed systems available in the basic configuration, as well as reliability and low cost of consumables, along with affordable pricing, make our offer unique in the Russian market.
Barracuda CH-1 packing machine is specially designed to meet chewing tobacco (snus) manufacturing requirements.
The design of the feeding system and a large dosing unit with an air valve allow for the packing of wet and cellulose-based snus. To adjust the dosing volume, just replace the screw bushings of the stainless steel dosing drum with ones of the required diameter without disassembling the entire unit. The machine is operated by a 220 V mains power supply and controlled by one operator, who visually monitors and collects the finished product in the tray. The hard steel housing ensures throughput of up to 70 packs per minute without compromising the packing quality.

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