Bulk packing machine Barracuda FS-2

Barracuda FS-2 machine is designed to pack friable bulk products in stick packs. This solution is perfect for tea, coffee, sugar, seed, pepper, salt, dry mix, spice or fertilizer packing. The dosing system with changeable bushings of different diameters allows the selection of the optimal portion volume of different materials, and a removable pack shaper to use the pack of the desired width.  Barracuda FS-2 packing machine can be configured to work using either fixed pack length or control eye marks; a thermal transfer printer with a dater can also be installed.

The feed mechanism involves filling the hopper located above the large turret dosing unit. Afterward, the product enters the pack shaper tube in portions, and then the package. Vertical and horizontal pack sealing is carried out using two pairs of thermal presses controlled by a mechanical drive. The machine is controlled by a TFT touchscreen.

The Barracuda FS-2 is the smallest size and the most efficient machine in its class and it can be used for most types of friable bulk goods. Air feeder option allows handling wet and dusty materials without compromising the throughput. All the exposed elements in contact with the product are made of AISI304 food-grade stainless steel; the body frame is made of high-quality powder-coated steel. Barracuda FS-2 is unparalleled in the price-to-quality ratio. It is developed and assembled in the Russian Federation. Our specialists will customize your machine for your type of materials for free. We provide a warranty and have an opportunity to travel to the regions for on-site adjustments.

Machine Dimension 1840x690x850 mm
Solid Mass (w/o package) 150 kg
Throughput Up to 40 packs per minute
Power Consumption 1400 W
Operation Voltage 220 V
Machine Deckle Width 30 mm  –  120 mm

Reference price: 4950 $

Optional Functions

Sugar packing in stick packs using Barracuda NG-1
Barracuda NG-1 machine is ideal to pack sugar in stick packs. Free running of sugar does away with the need for auxiliary air chuck. Sugar Packing in stick packs is a high-speed process.
3-in-1 coffee packing in stick packs using Barracuda NG-1
Barracuda NG-1 machine is also ideal for 3-in-1 coffee packing in stick packs. When using moist or problematic friable bulk materials, the air feed option can be used.
3-in-1 tea packing in stick packs using Barracuda NG-1
Barracuda NG-1 is very useful to pack tea in stick packs. Tea may be in different grades, but we offer solutions for each grade.
3-in-1 spice packing in stick packs using Barracuda NG-1
Barracuda NG-1 packing machine is designed to pack spice in stick packs. It’s useful for salt, pepper, and various spice packing.


Control Eye Mark Operation
Replaceable Dosing Cup
Touch Control
High Throughput
Adjustment for a Specific Product
High-quality components
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