Snus packaging

Barracuda Mechanics develops compact, low-cost automatic machines for filling and packaging chewing tobacco (snus). Our solutions are suitable for packaging both tobacco and tobacco-free mint or cellulose snus. We have extensive experience in the packaging of various raw materials and know the intricacies of the process of its packaging. 

Snus packaging

Various versions of our equipment offer two ways of sealing the longitudinal seam – on the Barracuda Shved machine, the seam is similar to the original Swedish product (the seam is soldered to the body of the bag). On SN-5 machines, the longitudinal seam is sealed with a “fin”. Both types of sealing provide a high-quality, durable seam. Machine functions are controlled using a convenient touch panel. The process of setting up our equipment is much easier than Indian or German counterparts, we also provide remote technical support for our customers.

Our engineers customize the machine for your technical requirements or for finished raw materials, selecting the optimal dosage for the fraction and moisture content of the product. The length and width of the bag can also be adjusted during customization. Send us a technical assignment and we will assemble a machine specifically for your tasks.

Documentation and delivery

All equipment is supplied under an international contract directly without intermediaries. We are a manufacturer and have EAEU and EU declarations of conformity, as well as certificates of origin. On request we can also obtain certification according to 2006/42 / EC. We carry out delivery and customs clearance all over the world. Our equipment is compact and allows you to significantly save on shipping compared to competitors.

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