Snus hydration machine Barracuda OP-1

The machine is designed for hydration of the stick packs in the filter paper with materials. It is installed under Barracuda SHVED/ SN-5 or another packing machine and can work in conjunction with them. It produces the hydrated product, completely ready for packing and further use. Barracuda OP-1 machine also performs an important function of distribution and smoothing of materials throughout the stick pack, providing both excellent appearance and ease of use.

This type of equipment is essential to produce snus and tobacco-free chewing mixes. It reduces spraying fluid consumption to the minimum. During the machine operation, all the excess moisture is collected back into a special container and reused. The sprayer operates without liquid spraying and avoids the presence of toxic substances in the air.

This equipment for hydration of stick packs is extremely easy to use and set up.

The machine can process liquids of any viscosity. The percentage of material moistening required is controlled by notches on the fluid collection slats and their degree of pressure against the roller. Smoothing of the packs is performed by pressing the rolls and it is adjustable. At the moment of the purchase, we will provide a video tutorial and show you clearly how the machine is set up. The video instructions are available, and our specialists are always ready to provide remote or on-site assistance when necessary.

Reference price: 2200 $

Optional Functions



Small size
Dust-free and silent operation
Precise dosing
System customizability
Pack alignment
High-quality components
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