BRCD Mechanics

Russian manufacturer of compact automatic filling equipment. Having our own metalworking base and design department allows us to produce reliable and fault-tolerant solutions. The equipment is perfect for packing coffee, spices, nuts, sugar, tea and tobacco in stick bags (flowpack). The equipment undergoes strict preliminary quality control. The availability of post-warranty service and the availability of consumables in combination with affordable prices make our offer unique.

Блок "О нас" RU
Блок "О нас" RU

We have extensive experience in working with chewing tobacco and tobacco-free snus. During our work, dozens of problems related to the technology of packaging wet raw materials have been solved. Today, BRCD Mechanics has several proprietary patented solutions that effectively cope with this task. By purchasing our equipment, you can be sure of the quality of the products you produce.


Design Experience
Flexible Discount System
Competitive Product Pricing
Personalized Services

Worldwide Delivery

Delivery by road and sea transport on individual terms

We will deliver the order safely to the door (DAP incoterms) or to the customs warehouse (DAT incoterms).

Блок "Доставка" RU
Блок "Доставка" RU

Do you know how to deliver an order faster and cheaper?

We provide pickup from our warehouse in Balashikha. (FCA or EXW incoterms). We will help with export customs clearance, prepare a contract.

Equipment for shredding cardboard

According to the design features, the equipment for shredding cardboard is horizontal surfaces with a volume for loading cardboard, which is crushed by means of

Plastic Shredding equipment

BRCD Mechanics offers all types of shredders and crushers for plastic of excellent quality, functionality and reliability at an affordable price. Our shredders (shredders and

Фасовка кальянного табака

Packaging of hookah tobacco

Automated packaging of hookah tobacco in stick bags or directly in containers is quite a difficult task. The humidity and fraction of such raw materials

Производство жевательного табака

Production of chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is a non-smoking tobacco product made from wet tobacco crushed to a certain fraction. Portion chewing tobacco is packed in small stick bags

Проектирование акцизных  комнат

Design of excise rooms

The storage of excise stamps for the production of tobacco products requires special conditions. The room must have a fire alarm system and a security

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