Assembling and Pre-Commissioning

Automated Process Control System Pre-Commissioning

This is the final procedure in an automated control system configuration. The pre-commissioning has three steps. First, the equipment is examined and the technical documentation is analyzed. Then the components that make up the process control system are set up. The final commissioning of the installed automated control systems includes the following procedures:

  • Checking the functionality of system and application software in different modes
  • Configuration of measuring transducers
  • Checking actuators, shut-off valves
  • Adjustment of discrete and analog measuring channels
  • Assessment of communication channel performance

Automation System Installation

Automation of manufacturing processes consists of a complex of devices, and each one is configured according to the purpose of the object. The system includes components responsible for information input and displaying, signal acquisition and conversion units, and data storage components. Installation and adjustment of automation systems involve the operation of the following units:

  • Reporting units
  • Monitoring and measuring sensors
  • Computing and microprocessor devices
  • Signal devices
  • Communication channels – fiber optic lines, wiring, modems, repeaters
  • Protective structures (platens, racks, consoles, and cabinets)


Pre-commissioning of a process control system requires high qualification because the efficiency and stability of the automation system depend largely on the correct setting. Any mistakes may cause failures and violations in the process setup.

On-Site Acceptance Testing of the Automated Process Control System

The main purpose of testing is to verify that the functionality and operating parameters of the process control system meet the requirements stated in the design documentation and approved project. Based on the test results, specialists can make an appropriate conclusion.

Testing of the control system represents the experimental definition of qualitative and quantitative parameters of the automation facilities under test in various operating modes and under the influence of admissible loadings. Upon the completion of a procedure, the test report having the status of reporting documentation is made.

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