Snus packing machine Shved V1

Barracuda SHVED automatic machine is designed to pack friable bulk products in stick packs. The key feature of this equipment is the technology of longitudinal sealing. Sealing overlap provides high strength, neat and non-standard design, and doesn’t require manual adjustment of the upper thermal presses and the pack shaper. This technology is well-proven in the world and is often used on European equipment.

The Barracuda SHVED is specially designed to pack snus and tobacco-free chewing mixes. The closed pneumatic pressure circuit allows the filling of wet materials without loss of quality, and the dosing system ensures sufficient portion accuracy. The unit can also be equipped with an additional agitator for problematic materials. As an additional design element, a unique longitudinal perforation pattern can also be designed to give your product more individuality.

Barracuda SHVED machinery for packing snus and tobacco-free chewing mixes are produced in the Russian Federation and have no analogs in the world in terms of price-to-quality ratio. The control system board of the touch panel allows quick adjustment of the package length, operation speed, the time of opening the air valve and sets the program shut down after a certain number of packs. The control panel also has a debug mode and the capability to switch off heaters and injection for fine adjustment.

Machine Dimension 1840x690x850 mm
Solid Mass (w/o package) 150 kg
Throughput Up to 90 packs per minute
Power Consumption 1400 W
Operation Voltage 220 V
Machine Deckle Width from 30mm to 45mm
Package length from 20mm to 150mm (programmable)

Reference price: 11700 $

Optional Functions

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We have extensive experience in working with chewing tobacco and tobacco-free snus. During our work, dozens of problems related to the technology of packaging wet raw materials have been solved. Today, BRCD Mechanics has several proprietary patented solutions that effectively cope with this task. By purchasing our equipment, you can be sure of the quality of the products you produce.

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Tobacco-free mixture

Блок "Шайба" на странице станков Equipment

Chewing tobacco


Unique Soldering System
Touch Control
High Throughput (up to 90 packs per minute)
Adjustment for a Specific Product
Handling Wet and Dusty Materials
High-quality components
Closed Pressure Circuit
No Analog in Functionality
Competitive Cost
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