Equipment for shredding cardboard

According to the design features, the equipment for shredding cardboard is horizontal surfaces with a volume for loading cardboard, which is crushed by means of two or more knives on the rotor shafts. Cardboard and other waste paper are loaded into the receiving window or hatch, after which the material is fed to the cutting shafts, where it is crushed to a fraction of at least 25×25 cm, becoming soft as paper in texture.

BRCD Mechanics offers a wide range of shredders of cardboard and waste paper, which can be used both as a stand-alone unit and in line production for recycling (industrial shredder).

The quality and high performance of the products are due to the following:

the cardboard shredder is made of welded structures, which increases reliability and maintainability in case of wear or damage to the supporting frame;
all shredders are equipped with additional rolling shafts to semi-automate the process of feeding cardboard into the loading hatch;
the use of only high-quality and original components, as well as safe paints and varnishes;
low operating noise range;
high efficiency;
safety during operation;
the possibility of equipping an electric drive (frequency motor) with an automated control system and monitoring sensors.


Our cardboard shredding machines are a perfect combination of quality and price. All shredders are covered by a warranty, which includes adjustment, maintenance (CO and maintenance), as well as repair of equipment in case of a malfunction.

Plastic Shredding equipment

BRCD Mechanics offers all types of shredders and crushers for plastic of excellent quality, functionality and reliability at an affordable price.

Our shredders (shredders and crushers) work with almost all types of plastic and plastics (plastic sheets, casting, bottle, pet canister, plastic panels, profiles, etc.)

Shredding is necessary for effective disposal, since all types of plastics are toxic when burning, practically do not decompose in the soil and can harm the environment if improperly disposed of.Gorenje

In addition, there is a need for the use of plastic crumbs and granules in construction and chemical production.

The following types of shredders are presented for implementation:

Single-shaft with pneumatic unloading. The material is fed into the plastic shredder directly to the shaft. The fine fraction is blown by air into the loading container for subsequent use or disposal.
Two-shaft with hydraulic pre-pressing. Two-shaft systems have the ability to grind more thoroughly. In order for the raw material to pass through two shafts with safety for the operator (in the absence of a conveyor feed), a hydraulic automatic feed press to the shafts is installed in the loading chamber.
Four-shaft. In addition to the two grinding shafts, two feed shafts are mounted in the chopper chamber.

All three types can be equipped with different types of knives on the shafts:

disk drives;
V -, W-shaped;


Contact us and purchase plastic shredding machines. We guarantee excellent performance and reliability.

Packaging of hookah tobacco

Automated packaging of hookah tobacco in stick bags or directly in containers is quite a difficult task. The humidity and fraction of such raw materials requires a special approach to the design of the equipment. A standard screw batch dispenser is not enough to ensure the normal operation of the machine, there are currently no simple solutions to this problem on the market.

We have developed a machine that provides high productivity of up to 30 packages per minute without loss of quality. The design allows you to pack raw materials both in a film and directly in a container. The solution designed by us minimizes the weight distribution and sticking of raw materials on the working parts of the machine.

In the near future, this solution will be added to the list of equipment supplied by us. At the moment, we accept pre-orders from manufacturers.

Production of chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is a non-smoking tobacco product made from wet tobacco crushed to a certain fraction. Portion chewing tobacco is packed in small stick bags made of non-woven material for easy consumption. The product may contain flavorings in the composition, as well as have a different degree of strength.

Chewing tobacco is an alternative means of consuming nicotine. Its main differences from smoking tobacco are the possibility of obtaining nicotine saturation in places free from smoking, the absence of tobacco smell from the mouth and from clothing, and the reduction of harm to passive smokers due to the absence of tobacco smoke. At the same time, chewing tobacco can not be called a means of quitting smoking, since it causes no less nicotine dependence. The production of chewing tobacco in Sweden has its roots in the first half of the XVII century, its popularity in the country exceeds the interest in cigarettes.

Until recently, only imported Swedish chewing tobacco was present on the shelves in Russia. The production of chewing tobacco in Russia has become the most relevant after the entry into force of the State Standard for this type of tobacco products (GOST R 58553-2019 “Chewing tobacco”), developed by the All-Russian Research Institute of Tobacco, Shag and Tobacco Products. This standard regulates the list of permissible components used in the manufacture of chewing tobacco, establishes requirements for the production, storage and labeling of finished products. The appearance of a new state standard should have a positive impact on manufacturers, contribute to an increase in the number of production facilities in the legal field, improve the quality of the product, and ensure safety for consumers.

The organization of production consists of many parts, not all of which have a simple solution:

* Selection of premises for the activity
* Design of working areas and routes, taking into account legal regulations
* Preparation of a set of documentation for supervisory authorities
* Preparation of technical specifications of the production process
• Purchase of equipment
* Recruitment of staff
• Development of recipes and process maps
* Certification and declaration
* Registration and use of the commodity turnover system (Fair Sign)

Our company provides consulting services in the field of organization of tobacco production from scratch. We assist in the preparation of the necessary documents, the supply of the necessary equipment, the technical audit of the premises and the excise room for compliance with the current regulations of the supervisory authorities. We have experience in this field and guarantee a professional approach to solving the problem. Working with us will allow you to avoid expensive downtime due to the wrong approach to paperwork, save time and nerves.

We are also manufacturers of compact and efficient packaging equipment for chewing tobacco. Our machines are widely used in Russia, Europe and America. Our patented lap joint soldering system provides a sealing system similar to German or Indian equipment. We customize the machine directly to your needs and raw material characteristics. The equipment is certified, comes with a set of consumables and technical documentation. When ordering the “Turnkey Consulting” tariff, you also get an additional 5% discount on the total cost of the contract.

Design of excise rooms

The storage of excise stamps for the production of tobacco products requires special conditions. The room must have a fire alarm system and a security system connected to the remote control of private security. The excise room must be equipped with a certified metal door block with a grille and a receiving window. The room must maintain an acceptable level of humidity and temperature to ensure the safety of excise taxes.

Our company provides design and technical audit services for excise rooms. With us, you can be sure of successfully passing the inspections of the Federal Tax Service on the compliance of the storage conditions of stamps with the current technical regulations. We know all the details and subtleties that arise in the process of preparing the room and will help you save money and nerves. A flexible pricing system allows you to choose only the services you need without overpaying for the rest of the options.

A detailed list of our services can be found here.

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