Organization of snus production

To open your own production of tobacco or tobacco-free snus, you will need to solve many legal, technical and organizational issues, such as selection of premises, creation of your own recipe, product certification and continuous quality control. It is also worth reading about the legal aspects of production and trade in your country, as they can vary greatly.

Selection of premises for production

The room must have sufficient space to accommodate all stages of product processing. It is worth taking care of the power supply capacity in advance, as well as thinking over the production map and technological routes. The process of preparing raw materials and packaging is quite dusty; in these rooms, there must be flow-exhaust ventilation.

Equipment for the production of snus

Organization of snus production

To produce tobacco-free snus, you need a production mixer for grinding components, containers and trays, a filling machine and a humidification system. For tobacco snus, an additional tobacco leaf shredder is required. Our company is a manufacturer of compact filling equipment with a sufficiently high performance and reliability. The machines have a consumption of no more than 1.5 kilowatts of electricity in the heating mode of heating elements. To accommodate the machine, you will need no more than 1 square meter of area and a grounding bus.

The moisture content of the product during filling has a certain limit, with an increase in moisture, the degree of stickiness of the raw material increases, which complicates the filling process. To ensure high moisture content of your product, we have developed a technical solution for humidifying the finished product. The Barracuda OP-1 moisturizes finished product bags and can be installed either under the roll-up tray or directly under the filling machine. This technology allows you to significantly speed up the packaging of raw materials without compromising quality.

Packaging and labeling

 Snus is usually packed into containers by hand; there are special labeling machines for labeling. They have different designs and performances. Labeling is possible on one, two or three sides of the container. Our partners are ready to supply these machines for your tasks anywhere in the world. Barracuda mechanics works with both new and developing industries. Our experts are always happy to help you organize production and supply equipment at a favorable cost in the shortest possible time. Leave a request on the website and we will help you in solving any production problems.

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