The Barracuda Shredder perfectly copes with the task of primary processing of waste from plastic, paper or cardboard. Shredded garbage takes up much less space and allows you to significantly reduce the cost of disposal. This compact solution is suitable for private use, as well as for restaurants, bars or shopping centers. Low power consumption, power supply from the 220 volt network and small dimensions will not create problems with the placement of equipment in the room. The compact shredder is suitable for shredding dishes, bottles, plastic, cardboard or paper packages. The video clearly demonstrates the difference in the occupied volume of containers before and after processing, which also makes it possible to save on waste disposal.

The shredder is easy to maintain and has no special operating conditions, it is virtually silent at idle. The power of the gear motor is selected according to the requirements of the customer, individual execution in the required size and power is possible.

Overall dimensions 1180x600x210 mm
Gross weight (without packaging) 80 kg
Power of the gear motor 2200 – 4000 W
Power consumption 1500 W
Operating voltage 220 V
The result of processing FLEX Flakes

Reference price: 1400 $

Optional Functions

Plastic bottles
Disposable tableware
Packaging materials


High performance
Customizing the machine specifically for your product
Quality components
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