Barracuda Design Office. Design and Engineering of Custom Machines.

Barracuda Design Office offers a wide range of services in engineering, production, design, repair, and upgrading of complex technical equipment. Customization of machines to order is one of the core business aspects of our company. High proficiency of our team allows engineering of equipment of any complexity with due diligence and in a timely manner. We also provide full technical support on-site and remotely.

Machine Design and Engineering:

Our company works out all kinds of design documentation: detailed drawings, specifications, installation diagrams, calculations, assembly drawings, explanatory notes, manuals, etc.

Our equipment is fully designed and manufactured by experienced Barracuda engineers. Our facilities and experience allow for designing full-cycle equipment:

  • Machine Design
  • Drawing Preparation
  • Metalworking
  • Painting
  • Board Equipment Design
  • Circuit Design

Before the commissioning, the produced equipment undergoes a strict quality control and is fully agreed upon with the customer.

After commissioning, we offer our customers full technical support. You can always contact us in any situation, our specialists will provide you remotely, and on-site if necessary.

Upgrading and Repairs of Customer Equipment:

We can carry out a thorough analysis of the condition of your equipment and upgrade it to meet your requirements:

  • Replacement or Repair of Major Units
  • Management System Improvement
  • General Maintenance
  • Complete or Partial Replacement of Electrical System
  • Retrofit and Renovation
  • Pre-Commissioning


Service Cost

Feel free to contact us to have the cost of customized equipment calculated by calling +7 985 024 76 43

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