Equipment for shredding cardboard

According to the design features, the equipment for shredding cardboard is horizontal surfaces with a volume for loading cardboard, which is crushed by means of two or more knives on the rotor shafts. Cardboard and other waste paper are loaded into the receiving window or hatch, after which the material is fed to the cutting shafts, where it is crushed to a fraction of at least 25×25 cm, becoming soft as paper in texture.

BRCD Mechanics offers a wide range of shredders of cardboard and waste paper, which can be used both as a stand-alone unit and in line production for recycling (industrial shredder).

The quality and high performance of the products are due to the following:

the cardboard shredder is made of welded structures, which increases reliability and maintainability in case of wear or damage to the supporting frame;
all shredders are equipped with additional rolling shafts to semi-automate the process of feeding cardboard into the loading hatch;
the use of only high-quality and original components, as well as safe paints and varnishes;
low operating noise range;
high efficiency;
safety during operation;
the possibility of equipping an electric drive (frequency motor) with an automated control system and monitoring sensors.


Our cardboard shredding machines are a perfect combination of quality and price. All shredders are covered by a warranty, which includes adjustment, maintenance (CO and maintenance), as well as repair of equipment in case of a malfunction.

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