Plastic Shredding equipment

BRCD Mechanics offers all types of shredders and crushers for plastic of excellent quality, functionality and reliability at an affordable price.

Our shredders (shredders and crushers) work with almost all types of plastic and plastics (plastic sheets, casting, bottle, pet canister, plastic panels, profiles, etc.)

Shredding is necessary for effective disposal, since all types of plastics are toxic when burning, practically do not decompose in the soil and can harm the environment if improperly disposed of.Gorenje

In addition, there is a need for the use of plastic crumbs and granules in construction and chemical production.

The following types of shredders are presented for implementation:

Single-shaft with pneumatic unloading. The material is fed into the plastic shredder directly to the shaft. The fine fraction is blown by air into the loading container for subsequent use or disposal.
Two-shaft with hydraulic pre-pressing. Two-shaft systems have the ability to grind more thoroughly. In order for the raw material to pass through two shafts with safety for the operator (in the absence of a conveyor feed), a hydraulic automatic feed press to the shafts is installed in the loading chamber.
Four-shaft. In addition to the two grinding shafts, two feed shafts are mounted in the chopper chamber.

All three types can be equipped with different types of knives on the shafts:

disk drives;
V -, W-shaped;


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