Проектирование акцизных  комнат

Design of excise rooms

The storage of excise stamps for the production of tobacco products requires special conditions. The room must have a fire alarm system and a security system connected to the remote control of private security. The excise room must be equipped with a certified metal door block with a grille and a receiving window. The room must maintain an acceptable level of humidity and temperature to ensure the safety of excise taxes.

Our company provides design and technical audit services for excise rooms. With us, you can be sure of successfully passing the inspections of the Federal Tax Service on the compliance of the storage conditions of stamps with the current technical regulations. We know all the details and subtleties that arise in the process of preparing the room and will help you save money and nerves. A flexible pricing system allows you to choose only the services you need without overpaying for the rest of the options.

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